About Us


Established in 1975, Selçuk University has, as of 2018, 23 faculties, 5 schools, 1 state conservatory, 6 graduate schools, 22 vocational schools, 45 research and application centers and about 74 thousand of students. Our university has to a large extent completed its physical infrastructure during its history of more than 40 years and now enjoys a total population of 90 thousand, including academic and administrative staff members and students. It boasts a special place among institutions of higher education in Turkey by virtue of both its infrastructure and physical conditions and the number of students and academic staff members. It has also served as a pioneer in spreading higher education processes thanks to its long history and capacity.

With its vision of becoming a world-class university aiming for continuous change, one which is in great demand by students and whose alumni are sought after, Selçuk University wishes to be in close contact with its alumni via Alumni Information System. Alumni Information System is one which is intended to receive feedback that will enable alumni to guide quality policies by providing a database targeting alumni.